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Welcome to my Shinzo Section

Shinzo aka Mushrambo aka Mashurando is a futuristic anime that aired in Japan from February/2000 thru September/2000. The story is centered around Yakumo, a beautiful young girl who was placed in hyper-sleep for what was supposed to have been 50 years. Due to a computer malfunction that 50 years became 500 years.

When Yakumo awakens, she listens to the encoded message left by her father. He explains how himself and a team of scientists created Enterrans to combat a terrible DNA virus. Using the genetic codes of insects, animals, and humans they produced a new life form resistant to the virus, but they made a tragic mistake. Soon there was war between the humans and Enterrans.

Because Yakumo was struck by a meteorite, she possesses special powers. Her father instructs her to travel west and seek out the sanctuary called Shinzo. There she should use her gift to bring peace to humans and Enterrans alike.

While making her way to Shinzo Yakumo rescues Mushra, a young hot-headed enterran. He is quite taken with her genuine sincerity and decides to accompany her. Soon they are joined by Sago, an acquaintance of Mushras, and Kutal, who initially was only interested in Yakumo as a gourmet treat. As the journey continues and the dangers increase, their priorities change. It is clear the importance of protecting Yakumo to bring about a brighter future for all.