Ronin Warriors Intro

Welcome, Ronin Warriors fans. This site was created based on the written info and suggestions from Rapndash. The site design (notice how it depicts every color of the warrior's armor) and images were done by me (Julie). However, Rapndash did what I consider the hardest part, and that's written summaries, synopsis, and character information. So if you're a Ronin Warriors fan and are happy about this new section, then give Rapndash a big thank you!!


The fate of the world is at stake once more. Lord Talpa, evil ruler of the Nether Realm, has opened a portal to Earth. With the help of the four Dark Warlords, Talpa sets out to enslave mankind and conquer Earth. The only hope lies with five young boys known as the Ronin Warriors and their mystical armors. Together with their friends Yulie, Mia, White Blaze the tiger, and a mysterious monk called The Ancient One, the Ronin Warriors must fight back Talpa’s power and save humanity.

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