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The anime, "Bakuten Shoot - Beyblade", originally aired in Japan from January of 2001 through December of 2001 with a total of 51 episodes. The series is currently running on ABC family in the US as well as YTV in Canada. The title has been shortened to simply "Beyblade".

Beyblade is an exciting anime that centers around young Tyson and his desire to become #1 in the sport of spinning tops (also known as Bei-goma in Japan). The series emphasizes important strategies and techniques to become a champion in a Beyblade battle. It also adds a twist to the plot by adding special powers to select tops possessed by ancient beasts.

See Tyson when he teams up with a diverse group of guys as they battle to win the World Championships. Each episode brings excitement, for when the group is not battling in a tournament, they are using the sport to settle differences with unsavory adversaries.


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