Welcome to the Akame ga Kill section. Recently added: Images and summary of the final episode #24 plus more character info!

Welcome to the Akame ga Kill section of AnimeAdmirers. You may be wondering why I would pick this anime? Well...two reasons. Number 1, I liked it. It has likeable characters, quality animation, and a satisfying ending. The second reason is that it's airing on Toonami soon.

As mentioned on other sections, this site acts like a wikipedia with a lot more organization and images. The difference is that only one person is updating it.

You'll notice that the layout is very simple. That makes it easy for one to find what they are looking for. However, don't look for downloads here. You can find them legally on Crunchyroll. Here, you'll find information, images, avatars, and more. So check it out.

About Akame ga Kill

Just as humans eventually rot away, countries collapse, as well. Even the imperial capital, which has prospered for a thousand years, is now a living hell of corruption. Evil spirits take human form and run amok, claiming everything as their own. Those evils, which heaven cannot judge, will be dealt with in us...The assassins of Night Raid!

Tatsumi is an idealistic young man who heads to the Imperial capital hoping to work for the Government with his skills as a swordsman. He and two friends are trying to raise money for their village. A sad turn of events takes place, and Tatsumi finds himself a member of Night Raid fighting against the corrupt and evil Empire.

The North American release is licensed by Sentai Filmworks