August 31, 2023 - Images/highlights of ep 16 added.

Welcome to AnimeAdmirers Tokyo Mew Mew New (2022) section. This series is a remake of the original that aired in Japan from February 3, 2002 until January 26, 2003 and containing 52 episodes. There was, also, a very editted version that aired on the Nickelodeon Channel in North American with 26 episodes. AnimeAdmirers has a section on the original Japanese Version as well.

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About Tokyo Mew Mew New

Earth is a beautiful in natural resources and the home of millions of living species. However, over the years already 2500 of these species have become extinct. Humans are taking for granted what the Earth has to offer. They have become selfish, destroying nature to build polluted cities.

Other planets are not so lucky. Their inhabitants envy the selfish humans and want the Earth for themselves. These aliens can use the condensed DNA of animals and combine them with a life spirit to create powerful Chimera animals. (Similar to Sailor Moon, the aliens would need to acquire a pure spirit in order to create the ultimate Chimera animal.)

Enter Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka, who are aware of the alien plot. The two come up with their own means of destroying the Chimera animals and call it the Mew project.

Five young girls are fused with the genes of a specific endangered species giving them super human powers. These girls will rise up against the alien threat and stand up for every living creature!