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The Medabots Of Season I

Click here to see a larger view of some!

Medabot Vital Statistics

Oops...after episode 25, I got way on the link below for robot stats for those episodes between 26 and 40...After a while I'll put them in the right order:

Bots - Eps 26 - 40!

The rest I have broken down Alphabetically so it requires much less scrolling, and the page loads much faster.

Bots - A through D!

Bots - E through H!

Bots - I through L!

Bots - M through P!

Bots - Q through T!

Bots - U through Z!

World Robattle Championships

Click on the link below to see the stats from the WRC.

The Bots of the WRC!

The Bots of the WRC (Sweden, Egypt, USA, Iceland)!