Voice Actor: Gwendolyn Lau

Brilliant but strange, Scieszka, enters the series in episode 18. She worked for Central's First Branch library in order to earn money to help her sick mother. Scieszka has an addictive passion for books, as well as a photographic memory. She lost her job at the library, because instead of working, she was caught reading. However, her photographic memory landed her a great paying job working to recreate destroyed military records. In fact, it was Scieszka who was able to recreate Dr. Marco's work after the library burned to the ground.

After helping Ed and Al, Scieszka began to work for Maes Hughes. Although his constant gloating over his family would sometimes get on her nerves, Scieszka grew very fond of her boss. She became suspicious of one person in particular when Hughes was killed, and her instincts turned out to be right.

As the series progresses, Scieszka becomes friends with Winry. Put the two of them together and that spells nothing but trouble..