Voice Actor: Tiffany Grant
Age: Much Older Than She Looks

Marta enters the series mainly in episode 30. She is a member of a radical gang of chimeras that attempt to kidnap Al. Even in episode 33, one can see that she is more apologetic than her comrades. In future episodes Marta spends a lot of her time inside Al's armor.

Marta was in the Special Operatives Division. They were never briefed on a mission nor its goal until the mission was ready to commence. They were ordered to infiltrate the city of Ishbal and perform destructive operations to a large scale. The reason given; there was going to be an attack on Central, and they must prevent it. That was how the destruction of Ishbal came about. Right after the Ishbal War took place, she and her comrades were captured. Those who resisted were shot down, while those who survived were taken to the 5th laboratory. They were made into chimeras...."the militaries attempt to silence them."

Marta's human form was combined with that of a snake creating a quick and resilient chimera. Because she's a chimera, her appearance remains as a young woman. She was held at the 5th laboratory for many years until Greed helped them all to escape.

After the events of the kidnapping were over, Marta becomes an ally of the boys. Her greatest ambition is to seek revenge. Unfortunately, she never gets that chance as she is destroyed by the deceiving Fuhrer.