Voice Actor: Sonny Strait

Don't let Hughes' jovial attitude fool you, he is a very dedicated and hardworking soldier. As a close friend of Roy Mustang, Hughes was determined to push his friend to the top. During the Ishbal war, Hughes had a desk job and wasn't subjected to killing the enemy as Mustang was. However, he understood more than anyone else why his friend wanted to become Fuhrer. After 3 years Hughes went from Major to Lieutenant Colonel doing investigations for the military court. He is not a state alchemist, but is very good at using small knife weaponry.

Lieutenant Hughes was so proud of his lovely wife and adorable daughter that he would literally drive people crazy bragging about them. His love for his family is what made his character so endearing. When he met an untimely death in episode 25, most viewers were brought to tears. It was his investigation of Juliet Douglas that ended up costing him his life. How ironic that the man who wanted to push his friend to the top ended up surpassing him in rank. After his death Maes was tagged as "Killed in action" and promoted two ranks to "Brigadier General Hughes."