Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna
Age: Episodes vary but end at age 18

Although he may act immature at times, one can easily see that Edward Elric is wise beyond his years. At the tender age of 12, Edward became the youngest Nationally Certified Alchemist and accepted in the military. However, Edward's motives were not the same as most enlistees.

Edward and his younger brother, Al, performed their first alchemy at a very young age when they wanted to make a present for their friend, Winry. The science came natural for the boys. Probably because their father mastered it as well. Unfortunately, Edward's father abandoned them when the boys were still toddlers. This act resulted in Ed holding a bitter grudge against his father. He believed the man was responsible for his mother's sadness.

When Ed was only 10, his mother passed away, but he couldn't accept that she was gone. He convinced Al that they could bring her back, and the only reason that human transmutation was forbidden was because others couldn't do it. They found themselves a "Master" and relearned everything there was to know about alchemy. Then on a stormy night at the age of 11, Ed, along with Al, violated the most forbidden taboo....human transmutation. The process went horribly wrong leaving Ed without a right arm or left leg and Al with no body at all. (They say what's missing was taken to the other side.) Before passing out from his injuries, Ed was able to retain Al's soul by attaching it to a transmutation symbol inside a suit of armor.

After the tragic event, Winry and her Grandmother replaced Ed's limbs with mechanical limbs called automail. Both boys then made a decision to pursue the philosopher's stone and get their bodies back to normal. So that they wouldn't change their mind, they burned down their home leaving nowhere for them to return. Because the military offered the largest resources in achieving their goal, that's where they headed.

Ed is very strong willed and not easily fooled. Even though he has high moral values, he doesn't always respect his elders or those who are in authority. He does what he thinks is right, and no one is going to tell him differently. His decisions are final.

To sum up the little guy.....uh oh! That is one thing you don't want to say around Ed. He is highly sensitive about his height since he is quite small for his age. As long as you don't remind him of that, one can find a good person in Edward Elric.