March 25, 2023 - Added images/summary of episode 66 in the Gallery and Digimon partner info.

Welcome to AnimeAdmirers Digimon Ghost Game section. This series is the latest incarnation of the Digimon franchise. Since AnimeAdmirers has carried every season so far, it was only a matter of time before Ghost Game was added to the site.

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About Digimon Ghost Game

In the near future, new technology has really taken off. Holograms litter the streets with advertising. However, rumors are circulating on SNS (Social Networking Services) that mysterious phenomenon called "hologram ghosts" of unknown origin have appeared.

Hologram ghosts have been spotted the past two or three years. They are a glitchy paranormal phenomenon, but different from regular ghosts.

Hiro Amanokawa, a first-year junior high school student, activated a mysterious device called "Digivice" left by his father. Hiro is told that he will be able to see the appearance of "Digimon". Hiro is, also, entrusted with a naughty little digimon called, Gammamon, that is referred to as his "little brother."

Could it be that "Hologram Ghosts" are actually Digimon?

Hiro, Gammamon, and friends begin a journey into the World of Digimon.