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Digimon Level: Unknown

Digimon Type: BEAST

Special Attack1: Drill Buster: shoots rotating forehead drill.

Special Attack2: Dorulu Tornado: Drill on his tail rotates at tremendous speed creating a tornado that can take out both ground and aerial opponents.

Special Attack3: Drill Blader: His body rotates on his tail drill allowing him to annihilate his opponents.

Dorulumon was a loner until rescuing Cutemon. From that day on, Cutemon remained by his side. He happens to show up when needed most...often rescuing Taiki and friends by either fighting with his stregth alone or digiXros(ing). As episodes progress, we learn that Dorulumon once fought for the Bagura Army.

The digiXros thus far (episode 8) is as follows:
Shoutmon+Ballistamon+Dorulumon = X3
Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Starmons(as sword) = X4.