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Digimon Tamers is a whole new way to look at Digimon. It takes place in the real world of Japan. The world knows of Digimon as a T.V. show and a childs card game. To Takato, Henry, and Rika they mean something entirely different. They are real! Are they the only ones who know this? I think not. What is this special government agency known as Hypnos? Are they a friend or foe of digimon? This season should prove to be very exciting.

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The many faces of Takato
Age: 13
Voice Actor: Brian Beacock
Digimon: Guilmon

Takato grew up watching Digimon on TV and
playing the card game. He's very good at drawing,
and even created his ideal digimon partner. After
he discovered a mysterious blue card his life
changed. Guilmon was born! Now the battles are
"real"! Takato is quite innocent and naive in
many ways. Sometimes he becomes a bit over-
confident in his battles, but he soon learns the
purpose of the "Tamer."

Lee holding up the wall
Age: 13
Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg
Digimon: Terriermon

Henry is the cool, calm and collected voice
of reason. He seems mature way beyond is years.
That could be because he has two older sibblings.
He also has a younger sister, Suzie. Henry
has a very close bond with his digimon, which
is why he is very reluctant to get into battle
He does understand, however, that sometimes a
fight is unavoidable.

The sky is cloudy just like my disposition!
Age 13
Voice Actor: Melissa Fahn
Digimon: Renamon

Rika is one tough little tomboy. She feels
digimon were there to fight. She has been
labeled "The Digimon Queen", because of her
great knowledge of the card game. Deep down
inside Rika is lonely and sensitive. Although
she will never admit it, she longs to spend
more time with her mother (who is a famous
model). Soon Rika will realize that Renamon
is more of a friend than a tool for fighting.

Age 13
Voice Actor: Bridgette Hoffman
Digimon: Leomon

Jeri is one of Takato's favorite female
school mates. It's pretty obvious that he
has a small crush on her, but it's hard to
determine what she is thinking. She is
definitely looking out for him. Jeri loves
to carry on a conversation with her hand
puppet. In later episodes you will see why
her interest in Digimon increases.

Age: 13
Voice Actor: Brad MacDonald
Digimon: Guardromon

Kazu is a good friend of Takato's who loves
to play the Digimon card game. He is a bit over-
confident and conceited often considering himself
the Digimon king. He believes he knows more than
anyone when it comes to the card game. Eventually,
he will learn that there is much more to Digimon
than just a game.

Age: 13
Voice Actor: Steven Jay Blum
Digimon: Marine Angemon

Kenta is another good friend of Takato's who
loves playing the Digimon card game. Unfortunately,
he is always losing to Kazu. Kenta is sweet and
innocent and pretty much does whatever Kazu asks.
You could say he's a follower of Kazu.